Cali Buds Seeds cannabis varieties

Cali Buds Seeds cannabis varieties

The Cali Buds Seeds Collective seedbank is a seed producer who set out to provide the world with new cannabis varieties with the best California genetics. Sidbank’s breeders have been selecting and cross-breeding cannabis seeds from Southern and Northern California for years to produce elite, high-yielding varieties with medical potential.

Today, Cali Buds Seeds Seedbank presents the results of their years of labor – original photics and autoflowers that meet the demands of the most demanding growers. They combine unpretentious care, high THC levels and the ability to adapt to different growing conditions.

Cali Buds mission and goals
Breeders at Cali Buds have a mission to create varieties with stable, elite genetics. By growing these varieties, growers get a guaranteed result in the form of cannabis with specific declared properties. Cali Buds’ California newcomers embody the vision of what modern cannabis should be. They are powerful and unpretentious, with original flavors and a rich taste.

The photoperiodic and auto-flowering Cidbanks are hybrids which have taken the best from their parents, the champion varieties from California.

Cali Buds’ cannabis varieties are the cure for more than just bad moods
Cancer. The active substances in cannabinoids, the cannabinoids, can reduce the growth rate of cancer. These properties have been recorded in the laboratory and are currently used in cancer therapy. Specialists at Cali Buds Cidbank are working with several patients who are using marijuana to treat cancer and suppress its side effects.

Cramps. Marijuana varieties from Cali Buds Cidbank have antispasmodic properties. They deeply relax the muscles and can be effective in treating cramps. Cannabidiol-derived oil (CBD) is recognized by many doctors as the preferred therapeutic treatment for cramps.

Chronic Pain. Patients suffering from chronic pain of various origins have had success using marijuana to relieve pain symptoms. The Cali Buds Seeds crop can be used for medical purposes – it can reduce pain for cancer, diabetes, HIV and other conditions. It’s a great way to relieve patients without strong, addictive pharmacological drugs.

Cali Buds line of varieties
At the moment Cidbank breeders are presenting a lineup of five photoperiod varieties, which have amazingly high levels of THC, ranging from 25 to 29%. These varieties have great medicinal potential.

Also in the Cali Buds Seeds variety collection are five luxurious modern autics. Their benefits include unprecedented levels of psychoactivity for autoflowers (22-29% THC), short flowering time and strong immunity.