Delicious Seeds cannabis varieties

Delicious Seeds cannabis varieties

The Spanish cid-bank Delicious Seeds is a group of like-minded individuals which includes geneticists, breeders and enthusiasts with extensive experience in the field of cannabis breeding. All of them are united together for one goal: the production of first-class cannabis seeds with special flavor and efficacy. Initially the company specialized in the production of autoflowering cannabis seeds, but as it rapidly developed and grew in popularity, the list of directions grew.

Sid-bank has made an impressive contribution to the production of cannabis varieties used as medicinal marijuana. Currently, its collection includes six seed lines:

Rapid version (first generation F1 seeds with an accelerated life cycle);
Cid-bank Best Seed Mixes;
CBD Family (high CBD varieties).
The company expressed its values and philosophy in its name – Delicious, which means “Delicious”. It is the gustatory and aromatic qualities of the varieties being bred that Cid-bank prioritizes. Each of them boasts a rich range of flavors and a bright aroma. It is very important that these qualities are achieved not to the detriment of the others, equally important – reliability, quality, stability, high yields and a powerful effect.

Delicious Seeds – enjoyment has a name.
The company has bet on new technologies, equipping all its laboratories with state-of-the-art high-tech equipment and materials. This allows to maintain the highest level of quality of products, which, together with the manual selection of seeds, guarantees almost 100% germination. Products of the company undergo a thorough multi-level quality control. All seeds are shipped only in their original vacuum-proof packaging, in which they can be stored for several years.

In the collection of cannabis seeds from Delicious Seeds cid can find the right varieties for experienced, novice, tolerant to THC and demanding growers. It will especially appeal to grower-gourmands. Revealing unexpected sides of already familiar to everyone genetics, the company’s cannabis varieties immerse lovers in a whole new world of pleasures from the tastes, smells and sensations of the plant. The subtle and delicate approach to flavors and aromas has done its job – now the name cid can is associated only with pleasure.