Doctor’s Choice cannabis varieties

Doctor’s Choice cannabis varieties

Doctor’s Choice is a new page in the history of the legendary Joint Doctor, who boasts the title of one of the most famous and oldest (but not by age!) breeders in the world.

Joint Doctor is a fictional pseudonym of a famous real man who became famous for creating the world’s first autoflowering cannabis Lowryder. However, this miracle did not appear immediately.

Travelling around Russia, Sasha (aka Joint Doctor) thought it would be a good idea to get a bush that would grow on a windowsill and outside equally easily. Crossing Mexican Rudy, Northern Lights #2 and William’s Wonder yielded something that bloomed almost immediately on a 24/0 light cycle. This was the beginning of the autoflower era.

Years later, this breeder specializes specifically in autoflowering hybrids, striving to make them hardy, strong and resistant to disease, mold, pest and other assaults.

A new round of Doctor`s Choice cidbank history
Breeder didn’t stop there. The sidbank continues to produce new varieties that are carefully stabilized, tested, and only then, when perfected, are released into the world. Sasha doesn’t promise many varieties of Doctor’s Choice. He has always believed that quality is more important than quantity and “less is more. Russian growers will be able to appreciate it in the very near future:

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Doctor’s Choice #1 / Number One.
These are productive autoflowering hybrids suitable for indora and outdoors. Grovers have already started testing them and the first grooreports have already appeared on dzagi.club.

Sasha does not abandon his fans. Recently a contest “with the doctor to Prague” was held, and on the Dzagi forum every grower can ask him questions about the cultivation of autoflowers, complain about “crookedness” or boast about the results of the grow.