Dr. Krippling Seeds cannabis varieties

Dr. Krippling Seeds cannabis varieties

Cannabis cultivation goes hand in hand with British history as an important part of the nation’s development. But while in the past this beautiful plant was used for industrial purposes, since the late twentieth century cannabis cultivation has taken on a new meaning. Marijuana began to be used for medicinal purposes and there was a worldwide movement for its legalization.

All these factors gave an impetus to the development of companies specializing in the production of cannabis seeds. These seed banks bring together professionals whose experience, craftsmanship and teamwork give growers more and more marijuana hybrids. Dr.Krippling is a team of breeders from all over Europe and around the world who are dedicated to the creation and stabilization of cannabis under the British flag.

A multifaceted vision of breeding
Having become a haven for specialists with completely different cannabis growing techniques, Dr.Krippling is renowned as a sydbank with a very versatile approach to their goals. Using the expertise of skillful breeders, the British company obtains the highest quality marijuana seeds, which are grown thanks to the baggage of knowledge accumulated over years and generations of growers. Each professional on this team works in what they know best, so each seed is excellent and special in its own way.

These guys don’t hide their passion!
The Dr.Krippling team brings together people who give their all to cannabis farming. The passion and teamwork of this team gave the growers a number of unique varieties, among which there are absolutely new products as well as new versions of well-known classics. The breeders have translated general and individual ideas into unexpected interweavings of genetics, thereby adding their share of knowledge to the world’s cannabis industry.