Low-smelling autoflowering cannabis varieties

Low-smelling autoflowering cannabis varieties

The advantages of growing cannabis indoors and get missouri medical card are many. In a grow box or small room it is very easy to create optimal conditions for maximum harv with even the most capricious plant. At the same time, the intense aroma which is very strong (especially during flowering) can cause unwanted curiosity of others.

This is why breeders are developing low-smelling cannabis varieties that are best suited to growing indoors. And if you add autoflowering traits to them, you get guerrilla growers who are fast, short and odorless.

The seeds of Auto Cinderella Jack fem (Dutch Passion) can be planted in both indoors and outdoors. The plants are unpretentious, strong and won’t cause too much trouble. This baby matures in 70-77 days and gives a decent harvest. Auto Cinder was bred specifically for hardy growers, as the variety has a 20% THC level. Auto Cinderella Jack fem cannabis seeds are chosen by fans of the harmonious combination of High and Stone effects: first it charges you up and helps you concentrate, and then it pleasantly relaxes your muscles without affecting your mind.

Think Different auto fem (Dutch Passion) cannabis seeds develop into compact plants without acrid odor but with dense buds in just 77 days from planting. These small plants can yield up to 500g of buds with a THC content of 16-18% per square meter. The variety is suitable for beginners: it is unpretentious, resistant to mold, fungi and bacteria. Its effect is that of a Sativa. Think Different will be appreciated by fans of exotic sweet fruit flavor and a quick happy High effect. The world will be brighter, more beautiful and kinder, just the right thing to chat with friends. And everything will end with a light relaxation.

Blue Mystic Automatic fem (Nirvana Seeds) with its beautiful blue coloring at the pre-bloom. Indica-dominant plants come out strong, with a strong center bark and strong side branches. The Blue Mystic Automatic fem hemp seeds are suitable for indors because the bushes don’t exceed 1.5 m. The berry aroma is almost imperceptible and the taste is dominated by sweetness and earthy notes. The Blue Mystic Automatic fem cannabis seeds will be appreciated by fans of indica stoner, but don’t overdo it, it can lead to intoxication and stupor.

El Alquimista Auto fem marijuana seeds (Samsara Seeds) are suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. It only takes 60-70 days from pot to harvest. Plants are fast, vigorous and unpretentious, suitable for beginners. The El Alquimista Auto fem variety does not exceed 80 cm in height and is easy to cultivate in small spaces and boxes. The aroma is a blend of incense, varnish and pine resin, while the flavor has berry and woody notes. El Alquimista Auto fem cannabis seeds are chosen for their complex effects, physical and with euphoria. You’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep and relaxation.

Wipeout Express auto fem (Heavyweight Seeds) marijuana seeds are the best option for stealthgrove. Almost 100% Indica doesn’t grow more than 80-100 cm. It takes 56 days from hellebore to harvest. Planting Wipeout Express auto fem cannabis seeds in indoors, harvest 500 g of buds per m2, in out – 150 g per bush. The buds are very resinous. The effect is strong and fast. The Wipeout Express auto fem variety with dominant Indica and 20% THC produces a physical Stone effect. You can meditate, relax and take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.